Making Iced Coffee at Home when You Have no Time to Make Iced Coffee

making iced coffee at home

This is my new emergency solution for making iced coffee at home, and it’s saved the day more than once already:

soy milk + coffee ice cubes = time-release iced coffee!

This was an idea that was frankly borne out of desperation. Since becoming a mom, I have not been getting what you would probably consider “very good sleep.” Babies have their own ideas about snoozing, and living on less sleep means more coffee. At least, it does for me.

People tell you to “sleep when the baby sleeps,” and I wonder if those people ever raised babies, because with DH, I just never know if his naps during the day are going to be 15 minutes or an hour and half. Plus, as my friend Leigh pointed out, there is no “do dishes when the baby does the dishes” or “fold laundry while the baby folds laundry,” so I often take advantage of his daytime naps to do crazy things like housework, brushing my teeth, or fixing lunch. Needless to say, I don’t have the time to make iced coffee at home from scratch like I used to every time that I need a jolt.

Coffee Ice Cubes to the Rescue!

Whenever we’ve had a bit of leftover coffee at the end of the morning lately, Dave and I have been pouring it into an ice cube tray.

The idea behind coffee ice cubes is that you put them into your iced coffee, so the ice doesn’t dilute your coffee as it melts. But if there is no coffee made, you’re exhausted, and you don’t have time to brew a pot, I discovered that you can also throw 3-4 coffee ice cubes into a glass of soy milk, and if you sip slowly you end up with a nice pick-me-up.

Hurrah for things that are quick and easy!

7 comments on “Making Iced Coffee at Home when You Have no Time to Make Iced Coffee
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  3. Ha! Your friend Leigh makes such a good point! Obviously certain things around the house still have to be done and many of those things would be easier to do while the baby is sleeping.

    Since last summer we’ve gotten into the habit of having iced coffee. As soon as we make a pot of coffee, it just goes into the refrigerator. I like it because we use all of the coffee instead of having some that we throw away in each pot. Lately, I’ve been making popsicles with coffee, rice milk, and agave syrup for an afternoon pick-me-up. It’s kind of like your coffee cubes but in popsicle form!

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