Vegan Food Review: Atlanta’s ‘Eat Me’ at Candler Park Market

vegan food atlanta eat me

Eat Me at Candler Park Market in Atlanta offers some tasty vegan food options alongside omnivore dishes.

I love supporting all of the great vegan restaurants in Atlanta, but I think it’s also important to encourage omni restaurants when they include delicious vegan food on their menus.

Candler Park Market just started offering suppers at their sandwich counter. They call the nightly menu Eat Me, and Dave and I have picked up dinner from them a couple of times since they started.

Candler Park Market is kind of a home away from home for us. Dave is an omnivore, so he can get burgers or a turkey sandwich, but they also know what vegan means, and they’re happy to veganize basically anything on the menu for you. We get sandwiches and salads (they’ll serve you any sandwich as a salad) there pretty much every weekend. My favorite lately is the Mediterranean Mama as a salad with avocado instead of the feta cheese.

Eat Me was just as accommodating. Their menu changes weekly, and they post it on the CPM Facebook page. They’re also really responsive there, so you can ask them right on Facebook about what veggie options are vegan.

eat me vegan food atlanta

As you can see the menu is far from vegan, but they usually have at least a few veggie options.

Last week, they told me that the grilled tofu plate was totally vegan, and that their mushroom appetizer (they call them “snacks”) was vegan if you leave off the corn streusel. They also had an heirloom tomato salad which was vegan that I’d eaten before, and it’s freaking delicious. Recommended!

They don’t always offer a veggie entree, so I jumped all over that grilled tofu. The tofu came on a bed of crunchy roasted crowder peas with tiny pickled tomatoes. Honestly, the tofu was kind of boring – I’m pretty sure they didn’t even marinate it – but those peas and pickles were a-ma-ZING. Seriously. They kind of reminded me of a less spicy version of my Sriracha-roasted chick peas, and they’ve got me thinking about other beans that I could roast up as a crunchy snack.

The peas and pickles were the show-stopper, but those sauteed mushrooms were also super delicious. They serve them tossed with sliced fresh figs, and the combination of earthy and sweet was what my sister-in-law would call a party in my mouth.

Eat Me runs from 7pm to 10pm each evening inside Candler Park Market. 1642 McLendon Ave.; Atlanta, GA 30307

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    • Thank you! It’s a fun place. Just a sandwich counter in the back of a neighborhood convenience shop, and the food is amazing!

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