Vegan Restaurant: Green Bar and Kitchen in Ft. Lauderdale

vegan restaurant green bar kitchen raw pesto pasta

Fact: before I ever ate at Green Bar & Kitchen, I stalked this vegan restaurant on Instagram, because their food is that beautiful.

I’m not sure how I discovered Green Bar & Kitchen on Instagram, but I know that for a while I thought that they were in Atlanta. I was completely bummed out the day that I learned that they were located hundreds of miles away in south Florida. Lucky for me, I have family down there, so on my trip to Fort Lauderdale last weekend, this vegan restaurant was on my to do list.

Vegan Restaurant: Green Bar & Kitchen

My family is far from vegan, and they’re so nice to come with me to every hippie vegan place that I want when I come visit. This trip, I was obsessed with hitting Green Bar & Kitchen, and I am so glad that we did! We had a big group, so I got to sample quite a few things on the menu. I think my dad’s coconut soup and the raw pesto pasta with almond ricotta were my favorites, but mom’s avocado toast with pink peppercorns and truffle oil was a close second.

vegan restaurant green bar kitchen avocado toast

Really, all of it was delicious, and the prices were really reasonable considering the quality of ingredients that they used. Dishes ranged from around $9 to $15 for an entree, and my pasta was more than enough food for me, even after an eight mile run that morning (humble brag alert!).

Bonus Vegan Restaurant Discovery: Eat the Tea

The other thing that knocked my socks off at this place was something called Eat the Tea. They apparently have a storefront nearby that’s also a vegan restaurant, but we didn’t make it there on this trip. Green Bar & Kitchen serves one of their teas, though, so at least I got a taste.

Unlike most tea, where you steep and then remove the bag, when you brew Eat the Tea you slap a big scoop right into the cup. The tea is made of dried fruits, veggies, and herbs, and when you’re done with your cuppa you have a fruity snack at the bottom of your mug to eat with a spoon. The hot water reconstitutes all of that good stuff while you drink. It’s genius!

The tea was just one offering at Green Bar Kitchen’s full service juice bar. They had a ton of smoothie options, but I was much too full to try anything else on Saturday. They also had a dessert case, and we picked out a few things to eat later on. My sister and my friend Sam helped me devour a raw Thin Mint cookie, a slice of raw strawberry cheesecake, and a peanut butter rice treat with chocolate ganache on top. So, you know, moderation was happening.

After so much anticipation, I was prepared to be a little bit let down when I actually visited this place, but it was everything that I dreamed it would be. It’s definitely on my list of Must Visit vegan restaurants for next time I’m visiting my Ft. Lauderdale family, and I’m going to make sure to hit up Eat the Tea next time, too!

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    • It is as good as it looks for sure! I’m intrigued with Eat the Tea, too. I wish I’d thought to see if they sold any of the mix at GBK.

  1. My brother lives near Fort Lauderdale and we’re always looking for places to eat when we visit. I haven’t been down there in a few years, but I’ve never heard of this one. Is it new? We usually end up going to Sublime.

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