Tangerine Crush Mojito with Basil

Instead of mint, this fall-oriented tangerine crush mojito focuses on seasonal citrus and rich basil.

Instead of mint, this fall-oriented tangerine crush mojito focuses on seasonal citrus and rich basil.

I love a mojito almost as much as I love messing around with the basic mojito recipe. A traditional mojito combines light rum with mint, lime, and sugar, but you can do so many fun variations on that fruit-herb combo! This recipe is inspired by tangerine season and the basil plant that’s hanging on like a champ in my backyard garden despite what may appear to be my best attempts at basilcide.

Bonus Mojito Recipe Alert: It was my little sister that got me into mixing up different mojito combinations, and last time I saw her she did not disappoint. When I was visiting her in Florida in September, I helped her make a big batch of raspberry mojitos for a party she was heading to. She doesn’t tend to do things like “measure” when she’s making cocktails, so I don’t have this mojito recipe exactly, but she muddled up a pint of raspberries with a bunch of basil and rum in a pitcher. She filled it with ice and added the soda water when she got there, so the drink wouldn’t get watered down or go flat.

They other thing that makes a mojito a mojito is sparkling water. I love a carbonated drink, and I’m pretty sure that’s part of why mojitos appeal to me. My husband and I were buying so many cans of fizzy water that we actually broke down and bought a Sodastream. I’m not into unitaskers in the kitchen, but the Sodastream has actually saved us time and space in the kitchen. Instead of stowing cases of canned fizzy water, we just have the Sodastream on the counter.

Right. You’re not here to listen to me prattle on about my Sodastream. You probably are here to make a boozy drink a hen of a long week. Let’s move on to what’s really important, shall we?

Friday Cocktail

Tangerine Crush Mojito with Basil

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  • 2 ounces light rum
  • 1/2 of a tangerine, sliced into 4-6 pieces. You can set a small piece aside to use as a garnish, if you want
  • juice of the other 1/2 of the tangerine
  • juice of 1/2 a fresh lime
  • 5 leaves of fresh basil
  • 1 teaspoon brown sugar, optional (this depends on how sweet your tangerine is)
  • soda water


  1. In a rocks glass, muddle the rum with the tangerine, fruit juices, basil, and brown sugar (if you’re using it).
  2. Fill the glass the rest of the way with ice, top off with your soda water, and garnish with your slice of tangerine and some extra basil.
5 comments on “Tangerine Crush Mojito with Basil
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  2. Thank you Becky, mojito is one of my favorite fabulous cocktails to order from the restaurant or cafe menu. The blend is so summery and refreshing! And nice twist on the tangerines & basil ;) I would love to give the recipe a try!

  3. That drink looks like my version of heaven–tangerines + basil? Totally amazing sounding!

    I’ve been thinking about getting my mom a Sodastream for Christmas this year. Her husband is sober and they drink a ton of fizzy non-caffeinated sodas. Is it difficult to use? Do you have to buy special stuff from them or does it just carbonate by itself?

    • It is super easy, and we love ours! You have to buy the canisters, but you get a discount at bed bath and beyond if you turn in the old one. They recycle them!

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