Vegan Atlanta Goodness: Walk for Farm Animals and an Exciting Veg Fest Announcement!

Atlanta Vegan Goodness: Veg Fest and the Walk for Farm Animals

The vegan Atlanta community is rocking it this fall with the Walk for Farm Animals this month and Atlanta Veg Fest next month!

I am so excited that this weekend is the Atlanta Walk for Farm Animals! If you haven’t pledged to support me and the Atlanta Veg Fest team, there is still time. Click here to donate to support Farm Sanctuary and the Walk for Farm Animals. We got a note from the Atlanta walk organizers encouraging us to fundraise just a little bit more. Here’s what the note said:

At the time of this email, we have 110 participants and 65% of our goal, which is terrific!  If each of us already registered for the event raises another $50, we will not only meet our goal, but exceed it! 

That is so exciting! The goal for the Atlanta walk is to raise $15,000 for Farm Sanctuary, and I’m so happy that we are so close to that goal! She sent that email out a couple of weeks ago, so we’re even closer now.

The walk for farm animals is this Saturday, October 19th at Piedmont Park. The check in is at 10am.

Get Crafty with Me at Atlanta Veg Fest!

Speaking of the vegan Atlanta community, I have exciting news to share! This year, on top of volunteering, I’m going to be running a kids craft in the afternoon at Atlanta Veg Fest. I hope that you and your little ones will pop in to create some fruit and vegetable prints with me!

My original plan for this craft was to carve potato stamps and let the kids make stamped art with those, but the benefit of having a mom who teaches preschool is that when it comes to kid crafts, this woman knows how to dial things UP. I told her about potato printing, and she suggested expanding it to print with all manner of fruits and veggies. I have a running list of food that we’re going to print with, including:

  • Potatoes – some carved, some halved
  • Citrus – I’m thinking lemons? Maybe limes? We will see!
  • Apples – did you know that if you cut apples just right, they make a pretty star?

I am so excited to see what the kiddos do with a little paint and a pile of veggies! Every time I craft with kids, I’m amazed at where they take my ideas. I’ll start with something simple, and before I know it they’re cranking out elaborate, creative works of art. It’s so much fun, and I’m thrilled that I get to get messy with the kiddos at Veg Fest!

Atlanta Veg Fest is on Saturday, November 9 at Les Fais Do-Do. It’s a free event, and if you’re coming, you can RSVP right here!

6 comments on “Vegan Atlanta Goodness: Walk for Farm Animals and an Exciting Veg Fest Announcement!
  1. Awesome, awesome awesome! I’ll definitely stop by and visit you at the crafts if I’m there at that time. That sounds like so much fun. I didn’t sign up for the Walk for Farm Animals because I forgot! It’s probably too late to raise any cash, but I’ll head on over to see about donating.

  2. I’ve heard about the awesome veg fest through Holly! It’s pretty cool that Atlanta is hosting one and yes, I’ve been wanting to stop by Atlanta, just one day, I hope! I can’t wait to see your event photos especially the crafts :) and the potato stamps sound cute!

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