Art Projects for Kids: Fruit and Vegetable Stamping!

Use produce that's on its way out to do some fruit and vegetable stamping!

Use produce that’s on its way out to do some fruit and vegetable stamping!

This was a test run for the art projects for kids at Atlanta Veg Fest on November 9th, and I’m excited to share the project’s test run!

When I first pitched the project to Leigh – one of the organizers – it was just going to be potato stamping. She was excited about the idea and asked me for an age range to include with the project description. I had no idea what to tell her, so I texted my mom who teaches preschool to see what she suggested. A few minutes later my phone rang, and we talked excitedly about art projects for kids for probably half an hour.

By the time mom and I hung up, I had all kinds of ideas for fruits and veggies that the kids could stamp with! I tried out a few during this practice round and am planning an even bigger array for the fest.

The project is based on a potato stamping project that I did (you can click that link for tips on how to carve your potato stamps), and it was fun to see how other fruits and veggies lend themselves to stamping. I’m glad that I did a test run, because I figured out a few things that will make it a lot easier and make the stamps come out looking better for the kiddos.

You can, of course, use fresh produce for this craft, but it’s also a good way to use up fruits and veggies that are past their prime but not totally rotten. It’s a good chance to talk to your kiddos about food waste – if you’re so inclined – or just to make use of some food that would have otherwise gone to waste.

Fruit and Vegetable Stamping Tips

If you’re going to Veg Fest, I hope you’ll pop by the art projects for kids area during one of my sessions! Can’t make it? Here are some tips to help you do this craft at home:

  • Experiment. A lot of fruits and veggies will give you different-looking stamps if you cut them horizontally vs. vertically. Apples are a great example. One cut gives you a sort-of-heart, and another cut reveals the star that the seeds make in the center.
  • Blot like it’s your job. You want to blot the stamp before you apply paint to get any excess moisture off. The paint will stick better the drier your fruits and veggies are. You also want to blog the paint before stamping. In the photo below, the top row of stamps are fresh off of the palette, and you can see that the third set looks a lot better than the top two rows:

Art Projects for Kids: Fruit and Veggie Stamps

  • Take your time. If you press down as you apply the stamp to the paper, it’s going to slide on the slippery paint. Instead, just place the stamp on the paper, wait a second, then gently press straight down.
  • Play with color. I really like the look of the potato stamp on the far right. I let the orange and yellow paint get swirled together a bit on my palette, and it made a cool textured effect.

I hope to see you out at Atlanta Veg Fest this year! It’s going to be an amazing one. On top of art projects for kids, there is a kickass speaker line-up (Isa Chandra, y’all!), yoga for kids, and tons of vendors selling and giving samples of awesome vegan goodies!


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