Vegan Cuts: Vegan Treats on Your Doorstep!

Vegan Cuts

Vegan Cuts sends an assortment of vegan goodies to your doorstep every month.

I had been wanting to try out the Vegan Cuts food box for a while, so when they offered to send me one for review, I said yes, please! My box arrived a couple of weeks ago, and I’ve been eating my way through it.

OK, that’s a lie. The day the Vegan Cuts box arrived, I probably ate half of it, and in the ensuing week I basically devoured what I didn’t eat that first day.

The Vegan Cuts box arrived in the middle of a week where for some reason I’d been craving gummy candy like nobody’s business. Just the day before, I’d stood near the checkout at Whole Foods with a big bag of Yum Earth vegan gummies, deciding whether it would be a good idea or a bad one to bring it home. I decided that I’d have no self control with these in my house and stuck the bag back on the shelf.

Vegan Cuts: The Box

The next day, my Vegan Cuts box came and had three different kinds of vegan gummies inside! Were they reading my mind?? Obviously, those were the first to go. Here were the gummies they sent:

  • A fun pack of Yum Earth Organic gummies
  • Surf Sweets Peach Rings
  • Yum Earth Naturals Sour Beans

So obviously I ate all of those right away,  but I did manage to snap a picture of all of my vegan cuts goodies right before that. Let’s all be proud of the restraint that took, OK?

Vegan Cuts Box

I ate the energy bar and drank the energy drink the next day for breakfast and the lentil chips were a snack later on. The energy bar from Raw Snacks was delicious, and the salt and pepper lentil chips were a perfect pick me up during a busy afternoon. The energy drink…not so much. It tasted like stevia, and I missed my morning cup of coffee. But you can’t win ‘em all.

Don’t think that the Rescue Chocolate made it unscathed. I had that after supper on day two, and it was probably my favorite treat in the whole box, despite my gummy cravings. If you’re not familiar with Rescue Chocolate, they’re more than a chocolate company. They donate 100% of their profits to rescue organizations! How sweet is that?

The gluten free crackers from Crunch Master were a nice treat but a little bit too salty for me. Of course, that didn’t stop me from eating one of the single-serve bags that they sent. I saved the other for my mom to try when she visited, and she agreed that they were really good, but a little bit salty.

There are only two things I haven’t tried yet: the Smooze! coconut smoothie and the Spiced Dragon Red Chai. I am trying to control myself, you guys!

Overall, I was super happy with the box. It was full of treats that I probably wouldn’t have splurged on at the store, and I’m thinking about subscribing to the service. Do any of you do Vegan Cuts? I’d love to hear what you have thought of your boxes so far!

Vegan Cuts: The Shop

The other cool thing about Vegan Cuts is that you don’t have to subscribe to save on vegan food. They have a whole shop full of fun snacky foods, vegan beauty products, and even vegan clothes and accessories. They work with these companies to offer deals, so you can buy one-offs without committing to a monthly delivery.

The only catch with the shop is that you’re buying a quantity of items, like a 15-pack of those peach rings I loved for $25. That’s a great price per pack, but that’s a lot of peach rings! I think I’d want to go in with some friends on an order, if I picked anything up from the shop, so we could get a few things and divvy them up. Sort of like making our own custom Vegan Cuts boxes!

I know that Vegan Cuts isn’t super new and that some of you guys have ordered from them before. What’ the best deal you’ve gotten from them? Make me jealous!


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