Natural Remedies: Tomato Tea for Cold and Flu

Natural Remedies Tomato Tea for Cold and Flu

I’m taking a break from the Friday Cocktail this week to share one of my favorite natural remedies for cold and flu: tomato tea!

This has already been a rough cold and flu season in our house. Darrol Henry is in school – aka a giant petri dish full of germs – for three mornings a week and has brought home a handful of sniffles and one vile stomach situation already. Most years I get one or two colds during the winter, but this year I need to get serious about my natural remedies, y’all!

I’m sure I’m not the only one dealing with cold and flu this winter, so I wanted to share one of my old favorite natural remedies here.

I had actually forgotten about tomato tea, since I hadn’t gotten sick that often until recently. Then a couple of weeks ago my friend Star got sick and posted on Facebook about this recipe I shared at Eat Drink Better back in 2011. You’re basically making a steamy mug of tomato soup with lots of raw garlic, lemon, and potent hot sauce to kick those nasties to the curb.

This natural remedy was adapted from Jean Woolheiser’s original over at Earth Clinic, and it really does the job!

Like I said, cold and flu season is proving to be no joke around here, and I’d love to add to my natural remedy arsenal. Do you guys have any other natural remedies that you like to use when you’re under the weather?

Here’s my original article about tomato tea – including the recipe – reposted from Eat Drink Better:

Natural Cold and Flu Remedy: Tomato Tea (via

Battling the winter ick? Tomato tea might be just the thing to set you right! I came down with some serious winter ick this week. Usually, I don’t get sick until later on in the winter, so this completely caught me off guard. As usual when I need…

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