Reusable Sandwich Bags: Choosing Food-Safe Fabric

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how to make reusable sandwich bags

Using reusable sandwich bags in place of single-use plastic is great for reducing lunch-time waste, but it turns out finding food-safe fabric can be tricky!

One of the most popular posts I’ve ever written at Crafting a Green World is about how to make reusable sandwich bags. The tutorial is a simple one that I developed to create these bags in bulk. Back when I was selling my these snack bags were part of my line, and they were very popular!

What began as a reusable sandwich bags tutorial turned into a discussion about what “food-safe fabric” really means. There are plastic-coated fabrics that are considered food-safe, but that really depends on how you feel about plastic coming into contact with your food. I used to line the reusable sandwich bags I sold with undyed organic cotton or hemp, because I didn’t want chemicals touching my food. That ruled out PUL or other vinyl options that many folks use. It’s really about your personal preferences.

Not too long ago, I ran across a water-resistant fabric option that looked like it just might be perfect for making reusable sandwich bags, and I wrote the post below for Crafting a Green World as a follow-up, including a vegan alternative (the original uses beeswax).

Let me know what you think! And I’d love to hear if you’ve run across water-resistant fabric for making reusable sandwich bags that you like to use.

Food Safe Fabric for Sandwich Bags: A Follow Up! (via

Most water-resistant food safe fabric is full of plastic. What’s an ethical crafter to do? Have you been hunting for food safe fabric to make DIY snack bags? I found a solution for you! My DIY snack bag tutorial has consistently been one of the most…

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  1. I glimpsed the photo of the snack bag in my blog reader and thought, that’s a good holiday gift idea for Becky! Then I realized you had actually written the post. Teehee, at least I was right that this product is something you’d be into!

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