Make your road trip vegan friendly!

Vegan Road Trip Food

Even if these are your only options, you don’t have to starve on a road trip!

Are you planning a road trip for the holidays? I wrote the article below for Eat Drink Better with some tips for vegan road food to keep you eating well, even when you go to the most non-veg-friendly places. I hope it helps you if you’re worried about starving during your holiday travels!

Eating Vegan on the Road (via

Eating vegan when you’re traveling might seem daunting at first, but with a little bit of planning it’s easy as pie! Or at least as easy as purse cashews. The holidays are here! If you’re planning to travel, eating vegan while you’re road tripping…

8 comments on “Make your road trip vegan friendly!
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  6. So helpful Becky!!
    I’m not traveling for the holidays but I travel everyday for my job and am constantly trying to save a buck for my meals and lessen the stress of finding vegan options. These ideas are a fab resource. Thanks for doing the work for us girl ;)
    Merry Christmas!!

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