New Year’s Eve: Party Food and Drinks to Ring in 2014!

New Year's Eve Party FoodTomorrow night is New Year’s eve! Do you need some simple party food for your shindig?

We are keeping things mellow this year and just having a couple of friends over to play games and eat pizza, but up until this year we’ve always hosted a New Year’s Eve blow-out.

I try to eat a pretty healthy, plant-strong diet throughout the year, but when it comes to party food I like to get a little bit decadent. I also like going for what’s convenient, because the food and drink are only small parts of hosting a good New Year’s Eve party. We always move the furniture out of the way so folks can mill and mingle, and we try to hang a few decorations, too.

Since we aren’t doing our usually New Year’s Eve party, think of this as my virtual shindig! This is the party food and drink menu that I’d be planning if we were going to rock out on New Year’s Eve.

spinach artichoke dip

New Year’s Eve Party Food

This is sort of a fantasy menu! You can make all of these things if you’re expecting a lot of folks or just choose a couple for a smaller New Year’s Eve party!

Vegan pigs in blankets and a vegan cheeseball at our tree trimming party.

  • Vegan Pigs in Blankets – Cut vegan hot dogs in half, and roll them up in crescent roll dough. Many of the crescent roll doughs that come in a tube are accidentally vegan! Put some ketchup and mustard on the side for dipping.
  • Vegan Cheeseball – Combine a package of vegan cream cheese with dried herbes de Provence, a pinch of salt, and some dried cranberries. Form into a ball, and cover the outside with sliced almonds. Serve with crackers.
  • Vegan Sour Cream Dip – Pre-packaged sour cream and dried spices makes this come together in a flash!
  • Becky LeBeans – The name of this recipe is a pun on my maiden name (Levine), and this dip is one that my friends always ask me to make when we’re having a party

New Year’s Eve Cocktails

You guys know that I love a cocktail, so I chose a few of my faves! Dave and I like to also have a couple of bottles of wine and some good beer at our New Year’s Eve parties.

  • Cranberry Mulled Wine – Mulled wine makes the house smell amazing!
  • Sweet Orange-Rosemary Shrub – Making a shrub does NOT make the house smell good, so cook up the syrup for this delicious cocktail a day ahead or early on New Year’s Eve.
  • Pear-Cranberry Cosmopolitan – This is sort of a Christmasy cocktail that’s lovely on New Year’s Eve too.
  • Roasted Apple Tom Collins – Roasting the apples makes the house smell lovely, so make the puree for this cocktail as close to party time as you can!

Are you hosting a New Year’s Eve party? I’d love to hear about what party food and cocktails you’re serving up!

4 comments on “New Year’s Eve: Party Food and Drinks to Ring in 2014!
  1. I second the spinach artichoke dip. I’ve already made it twice in the last month, and may make some more for New Year’s Eve. It will be perfect in front of the fire!

  2. You had me surprised for a second! NYE is still a couple of days away, but it probably won’t matter for me anyhow. We don’t have any big party plans, and since it’s going to be really cold I imagine we’ll be staying inside. Still, I wouldn’t mind cozying up with some of your spinach and artichoke dip!

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