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Vegan Community LoveMy friend Karen Lee interviewed me recently about veganism, and one of the questions she asked me was about the benefits of going vegan. I’m going to share my answer to that here, because it’s what prompted me to compile the list below:

I think there are some misconceptions about the obvious benefits of veganism. A lot of folks expect to go on a vegan diet and lose weight, but you can eat potato chips all day and be vegan. The health benefits come in when you’re eating real, plant-based whole foods, and I think a lot of folks go vegan expecting to lose weight and end up disappointed when that doesn’t happen.

For me the unexpected benefit [of veganism] has been connecting with the amazing vegan community both here in Atlanta and online. I’ve met so many wonderful people at both real life and virtual vegan events. Things like the Virtual Vegan Potluck and the Vegan Month of Food (Vegan MoFo) are such lovefests, and I look forward to them every year!

The vegan community that I’ve connected with over the years is such an important part of my life. Most of my friends and family members are omnivores, so I enjoy having this virtual vegan community of compassionate people to talk with about vegan food and issues!

More on the vegan community: Atlanta Vegan Goodness, I’m on the V List, Y’all!, Virtual Vegan Potluck is Coming!, Vegan Mofo is Here!

The list below is one that I published at Eat Drink Better, and it’s a roundup of some of my favorite food sites in the online vegan community. I’d love if you’d share your favorites, so that I can add them to my reading list!

Top 10 Vegan Lifestyle Sites that Make Eating Vegan Easy and Delicious (via

Think of these vegan lifestyle sites as a virtual support system on your vegan journey. One of the things that I love best about my vegan lifestyle is connecting with other folks who are passionate about living compassionately. There are so many amazing…

4 comments on “Vegan Community Love! #lml
  1. I only spend time with one other vegan in my state – and that’s my husband! So like you, I’m really grateful for those online relationships I’ve developed with other like-minded people. I’m glad that the internet exists, so that we could all find each other and discuss the best cashew cheese, our favorite recipes, and what inspired us to go vegan in the first place. It makes the world feel very small! Plus, I’ve made many real-life friends through first meeting them online first – either on their blogs or vegan forums. It’s funny, but if you connect with someone’s personality online, usually you’ll have the same feeling about them in real life too.

    Thank you so much for including me on your list! Glue & Glitter would definitely be on mine too!

    • You are so welcome Cadry! That is exactly how I feel. How did folks go vegan before the internet? It must have been very lonely.

  2. Thank you for including me on your list, Becky! I have so many favorite blogs I don’t even think I could assemble a reasonable list. I love seeing all the creative ways people express their personalities —recipes, crafts, writing, photography, video — the vegan community is wonderful.

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