4 Green Cleaning and DIY Beauty Recipes (+ shopping list and printable labels!)

I wanted to extend a special welcome this morning to the Georgia Organics Conference attendees! It was so amazing to see all of your faces in my session on Saturday afternoon and to talk with you afterward. Your questions, insights, and kind words truly made the weekend for me!

4 Green Cleaning + DIY Beauty RecipesThese green cleaning and DIY beauty recipes are easy to make, and each one has a printable label, so you’ll always know what’s what!

The Georgia Organics Conference was this past weekend, and the recipes below are the green cleaning and DIY personal care products that I demonstrated in my education session. You can download the recipe and shopping list one-sheet here, or see the list below!

I mentioned this at the conference, and folks got really jazzed about it, so I’m going to mention it here too: over at Crafting a Green World, we’re doing Spring Cleaning Week during the entire week of March 3rd. We’ll be sharing some great green cleaning recipes (all with printable labels, of course!), and we’re teaming up with many of the other sites in the Important Media Network to talk about green cleaning from all kinds of fun angles. Eat Drink Better, Gas 2.0, Sustainablog, and Vibrant Wellness Journal are just a few of the participating sites, and we are getting very excited about the event!

Even if you didn’t attend the Georgia Organics Conference, you’re of course welcome to use the recipes and labels below to make your own cleaning and personal care products! They’re all made with simple, easy-to-find ingredients. Even if you’re new to making your own green cleaning and DIY beauty supplies, you can jump on the handmade train with these recipes.

I included printable labels with each of the recipes as I shared them, but if you want to make more than one, this pdf one-sheet has all of the labels on one page to help you save a little bit of paper.

Green Cleaning and DIY Beauty Shopping List

Want to make all four of the recipes below? This is a master shopping list for the whole shebang:

  • sugar – coarse or regular is fine
  • olive oil
  • your favorite essential oils (if you want to make custom scents)
  • eucalyptus essential oil
  • lemongrass or lemon essential oil (optional)
  • white vinegar
  • rubbing alcohol or grain alcohol

Green Cleaning and DIY Beauty Recipes

Below are all four recipes that I shared at the conference. If you want to use the labels I designed, you can download a pdf one-sheet with all of them here.

  1. Easy Peasy Sugar Scrub
  2. Homemade Vapor Rub
  3. Homemade All Purpose Cleaner
  4. How to Make Perfume or Cologne
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    • No problem! I use Sharpie quite a bit when I’m in a hurry too and usually it’s not a problem. Once, though, I confused two spray bottles that we’d labeled with black Sharpie and accidentally spritzed spider spray all over my kitchen counters before realizing what I’d done. It only happened the once, though!

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