Make Glitter Mason Jars with Glittery Rims

Glitter Mason Jars

These glitter mason jars are great for storing craft supplies and knick knacks.

One of the fun little things about blogging is looking at search terms. Many of the people who find my site (and most other sites) discover me through a Google search, and my site stats show me the popular search terms that help folks find me. My favorite search term of all time is probably “penis popsicles.” I bet some people were very disappointed to find a recipe for actual popsicles when they clicked over to my site from that search.

Another search term that I’ve been seeing a lot in my stats lately is “glitter mason jars.” It must be because of my site name and that I craft with mason jars quite a bit, but I’ve never actually put glitter and mason jars together. That search term was the inspiration for this project.

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I’d seen other glitter-dipped goodness on other crafty blogs, and my friend Carissa’s glitter-dipped mugs helped me sort this project out quite a bit.

Glitter Mason Jars

The instructions below call for matte Mod Podge, and I encourage you to spring for this specific material when you’re making these glitter mason jars. Normally I recommend watered down glue as a sub for proper Mod Podge, but when you’re gluing to glass, you really do need the Mod Podge formulation. Glass is tricky, and Mod Podge sticks a lot better to glass over time than watered down glue. I promise.

Glitter Mason Jars

Glitter Mason Jars Tutorial


  • 1 mason jar with ring
  • painter’s tape
  • matte Mod Podge
  • glitter
  • paint brush
  • large piece of scrap paper to cover your work area – I used an old grocery bag.


1. Lay down that scrap paper. Seriously, do this. You know that joke about glitter being the herpes of craft projects? The scrap paper will help reign in some of the glitter. Though I can’t promise that you won’t find bits of glitter for months after doing this messy project. Think of it as a shiny reminder of how much fun you had making your glitter mason jars!

2. Tape off your jar. You’re going to be painting glue onto the bottom of the jar up to the tape line, so you want the bottom of your tape at the point where you’ll want the glitter to stop.

3. Flip your jar upside down and paint it with Mod Podge. I had a squeezy bottle, so I just squeezed about a quarter-sized drop of Mod Podge, then used my brush to spread it all over the jar below the tape line.

4. Shake on your glitter. Use the glitter’s shaker spout to apply glitter generously over all of the painted area of your jar. Don’t worry about waste, because you can gather fallen glitter up with the paper later to reclaim it.

5. Paint your jar ring with Mod Podge. Make sure you get the whole outside of the ring nice and covered.

6. Shake on more glitter. Generously cover the lid in glitter.

7. Let it dry. The directions say to let your Mod Podge dry for 15-20 minutes. I went the whole 20 to make sure everything was nice and dry.

Glitter Mason Jars

8. Paint over your glitter. Cover your glitter with another layer of Mod Podge to keep it from flaking off over time. The Mod Podge goes on white, but it dries clear, so don’t worry! Your glitter will shine through when this project is finished.

Glitter Mason Jars

These aren’t quite dry yet, but you can see how the Mod Podge is much more clear already. My jars took a couple of hours to dry because of the two generous coats of Mod Podge

9. Let it dry. After 10 minutes, carefully peel off the tape. Don’t wait more than 10 minutes before removing your tape, because if you let it totally cure, you’ll end up peeling off glue and glitter along with the tape. Once everything is completely dry, flip your glitter mason jars right side up, screw on the ring, and you’re ready to stash whatever you like in there!

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  5. You’re not kidding about trying to contain the glitter. One family we rented to had two little girls who must have really loved glitter — after they left, it was EVERYWHERE! Years later, we still find glitter around the house. I just avert my eyes since it’s useless to try to remove it. :)

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