Baby Cape Tutorial from Recycled Felt

Make a Baby Cape from Recycled Felt

A sheet of crafting felt is the perfect size for making a super simple baby cape. Here’s how to do it!

So I already talked a little bit about the superhero birthday party that we threw for Darrol and his best friend Donovan. One of our visions for this party was to have a baby cape for every kid who attended.

Donovan’s mom – Kip – and I made that dream come TRUE! And after the party I wrote up the tutorial for Crafting a Green World, because I think every baby should have at least one cape in his dress-up box. You can get the whole tutorial below!

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Note about felt crafting

The recycled felt in this project is not made from wool. We used Kunin Rainbow Felt to make these baby capes.

The thing about non-wool felt is that it’s made from petroleum products, so for a long time I wasn’t doing any crafting with felt. That was until I discovered Kunin felt, which is made from recycled plastic water bottles! This is basically the only felt that I craft with now, and I love it so much!

You can find it by the yard or buy it in 9X12″ sheets like this one.

The joy of the 9X12″ sheets is that this size works well for a lot of projects, which means there’s less to cut (and less waste!). Since we didn’t have to cut out each cape, Kip and I were able to whip out 12 of these bad boys in one crafternoon. Boom! So much baby cape goodness!

Make a DIY Superhero Cape from Recycled Felt (via

We threw a superhero birthday party for my son’s first birthday, so obviously we needed to make a DIY superhero cape for every baby who was coming! The party was actually a joint birthday party for my son Darrol and his best baby friend Donovan. Darrol…

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  2. The baby capes are really cool, and my first impulse is to get some felt and make one, but after attending a world water week lecture about plastic waste, I’m having trouble buying anything connected to plastic. It’s so sad to realize that plastic is something that can never be truly recycled — except into more plastic-containing items. One thing I never considered is that all the toxic chemicals that were in the original plastic, are still there. It’s so complicated and disturbing. I’m seeing plastic in a new light — even man-made shoes. I’m still buzzing from the lecture — I’m sure I’ll come to some equilibrium soon. Sorry to be such a ‘downer.’

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