Vegan Wine: Best Reds Under $20

Vegan Wine: Best Reds Under $20

Do you like red wine but not red wine that was filtered through fish bladders? Check out my top three vegan wine picks for under $20!

You know what’s sort of a bummer about having an app to tell me if the wine I like is vegan? I get to learn that many wines are not vegan.

The list of vegan below is going to seem short. There are three wines on there. But let me tell you: this is the result of lots of awkward time spent standing in the wine aisle looking up wines on the Vegaholic app. It also represents drinking a few bottles that were not so delicious.

Long ago, my friend Cody and I were members of a now-defunct club called Wine Brats. Wine Brats was all about enjoying wine that you like with food that you like. The founders of this group grew up in California wine country, and their mission was to make wine as accessible as beer by taking the snoot out of wine.

What I learned from my time with Wine Brats was that you don’t need to be fancy when you talk about wine. I don’t talk in-depth about what’s in my glass. I don’t care about a wine’s legs. What I do care about is finding wine that doesn’t use any animal ingredients between grape and glass.

I like my reds to toe the line between sweet and acidic. Sweet wines – I’m looking at you, Trader Joe’s! – are not my thing. As you read the red wine list below, you’ll see that my descriptions are on the simple side.

Top 3 Vegan Wines Under $20

Vegan Wine: Best Reds Under $20

1. Groundswell Table Wine, $6.99

I must have a thing for table wine, because two of the three wines on this list fall into that category. Table wines are blends, and they can be super delicious. Groundswell’s California Table Wine is nice, mellow, and very, very affordable.

Vegan Wine: Best Reds Under $20

2. Our Daily Red, $9.99

Another table wine! I think this might be my favorite vegan wine right now. It’s nice and mellow, organic, and easy to find even at the grocery store. My favorite qualities in a wine!

Vegan Wine: Best Reds Under $20

3. Cline Red Zinfandel $18.99

Don’t confuse red zin with the white zinfandel that my Nani Dorothy used to drink with two ice cubes. I’m not judging if you like pink wine, but red and white zinfandel are very different wines. Red zinfandel is my favorite variety of red wine, and Cline makes a nice bottle. If it weren’t for the price point, this vegan wine would probably beat out Our Daily Red, but I’m a woman on a budget, y’all.

Do you have a favorite vegan wine? I’d love to try it! Tell me about it in the comments, so that I can track it down. For research.

19 comments on “Vegan Wine: Best Reds Under $20
  1. Damned, so many people have absolutely no idea of the winemaking process and the chemical effects of some bladders in wines.
    The proportion os residual fish bladders in wine is mostly equal to 10 per million. Meaning NO effect. This is just a mind disease.
    And tons of beers use fish bladders, and you don’t ask for them. So it’s stupid.

    Concerning “My daily red”, if you had just one idea how much cost to produce organic wine, you will never drink that crap anymore. The grapes could be grown organically, but what the had during the process is not necessarily organic. That’s the law in the US.
    So a real organic wine will cost more like $30 than $10.
    Before to trust the label, you should read and learn more about the restriction laws in the US, compare with Europe.
    USA allow to do a lot of things, like adding a concentrated grape juice to wine to make it more juicy and dark.

    Any way, by technical and chemical aspect, all the wines are vegan. There is no disease with fish or egg white bladders.
    Being vegan is a choice, not a disease. So please, don’t bring so much stupid idea about the “vegan wine”.
    Learn first :

    • Thank you for your comment. For vegans it’s not about how much of the animal is in the wine, it’s that animals were harmed in the making process. I’m sorry that this makes you angry. As for beers, you’ll see in my posts talking about beer that I discuss how to find vegan beer, as well.

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  10. Trader Joe’s has a Spanish wine I really like – Albero Tempranillo. It’s $6.99, I think, and it says “vegan” right on the bottle. (Albero has a couple of other types as well, but I’m not sure if those are vegan.)

    Yellow + Blue also makes a delicious organic Malbec that is vegan. It is about ten dollars. It’s a boxed wine, and so there are a lot of negative preconceptions. However, that makes it so convenient for picnicking or traveling since you don’t need an opener and can easily reseal it. It also blocks out light and is lighter to carry.

    • Ooh I forgot about Yellow + Blue! I love their wine. I’ll look for that Albero Tempranillo next time we are at TJ’s for sure!

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