Cookbook Update: My Heart Grew Three Sizes #lml

Cookbook Update: My Heart Grew Three Sizes

It’s been a little while since I spilled that I’m working on my next cookbook – BOWLS! – coming out this fall, and I wanted to share some super exciting news!

Exciting News Item 1: The amazing Elena Paulsen from Vegan ESP has offered to lend her editing superpower to BOWLS! I can’t tell you how grateful I am for her help. Putting together a print book has been a crazy adventure so far, and I’m overwhelmed with the support my friends have offered.

Exciting News Item 2: On June 28th, my friend Bonnie is shooting the BOWLS! cover photo, and our friends Kip and Brian are lending us their gorgeous kitchen as a backdrop.

Exciting News Item 3: I have found a printer! It’s a company called Lightning Press, and so far they’ve been super great.

If all goes according to schedule with the edit process, cover design, and proofs, it’s looking like this fall release is on track, y’all! My new goal is to get copies of this book into my hot little hands in time to sell them at Atlanta Veg Fest. And right now? It feels like we are on track!

This book is so much more than a stack of recipes, you guys. It’s full of love, and I can’t wait for you to see it!

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  3. I’m so excited and so happy for you and…….FOR ALL OF US (the ones who will enjoy have your recipe books) BUT…….I’m having a BIG problem ……I WANT THAT…..NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! . I’m really proud of you because you are doing a great job as a writer and also as a Mom. Love you

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