Zero Packaging Grocery Store List

Zero Packaging Grocery Store List

These bulk bins are actually not at a zero-packaging grocery store. They’re at my local Kroger. High five, Edgewood Kroger!

Yesterday I shared an example of terrible overpackaging at a grocery store, so today I wanted to balance that out with some good news! Overpackaging may be prevalent at conventional stores, but there’s a new(ish) food trend aimed at fighting all of that waste: the zero packaging grocery store.

Germany is getting its first zero packaging grocery store this summer, and I wrote a piece about it for Eat Drink Better. I had just finished that post and was working on the list below when I ran into the wall of plastic I talked about yesterday. I think that’s part of why it upset me so much. I knew that the grocery industry could do better.

Right. So if individually-wrapped green peppers are the bad news, consider the list below the good news

6 Grocery Stores that are Packaging Free

originally published at Eat Drink Better

Food packaging is an often unsung part of our food waste problem, but these grocery stores are trying to change that by changing the way we shop for food.

When you think about buying groceries like rice, dry beans, spices, and veggies, what do you see? Rows of bags and boxes, if you’re at most conventional grocery stores, right? Food and packaging waste go hand-in-hand at most grocery stores. For example, check out this photo I snapped at a Publix in Oveido, Florida this weekend:

Too Much Plastic

Yes, those are individually wrapped green peppers on the top shelf. And every single item is wrapped in plastic and/or styrofoam.

Zero packaging grocery stores like the ones listed below want to turn that picture on its head. They offer everything from produce and dry goods to soap and shampoo in bulk bins. You can bring your own reusable containers or borrow one of theirs.

When I was researching this list, I was pretty bummed that I was only able to find six zero packaging grocery stores worldwide. If you know of others, I hope that you’ll tell us in the comments below!

6 Zero Packaging Grocery Stores

6 Grocery Stores that are Packaging Free

1. Original Unverpakt – Berlin, Germany

This is the newest zero packaging grocery store on this list. It’s opening up later this summer after overwhelming support on its crowdfunding project.

6 Grocery Stores that are Packaging Free

2. In.Gredients – Austin, TX

In.Gredients was one of the first zero packaging grocery stores in the world and the first in the U.S.

6 Grocery Stores that are Packaging Free

3. Unpackaged – London, UK

Sadly, this zero packaging store closed after less than a year, but you can still sign up for their email list to keep up with the Unpackaged Project.

6 Grocery Stores that are Packaging Free

4. Simply Bulk Market – Longmont, CO

This Colorado bulk grocery store even offers pet food in bulk!

6 Grocery Stores that are Packaging Free

5. Granel – Barcelona, Spain

Granel translates to “in bulk.” This store focuses on reducing waste and on reducing cost for customers. When you can buy as little as you need, you can eat healthier food on a smaller budget.

6 Grocery Stores that are Packaging Free

6. Effectora – Capannori, Italy

Not only is this a zero packaging grocery store, but 80 percent of the products on its shelves come from within 45 miles of the stores. Boom! Pow!

Reducing Waste at Regular Grocery Stores

Of course, even if you don’t have a local zero packaging grocery store, you can reduce the packaging waste when you shop.

If your grocer has bulk bins, bring light cloth bags and skip the plastic waste. If they don’t have bulk bins or the state of affairs is as bad as at the Publix above, talk politely to the store owner. Grocery stores want to give customers what we want. Sometimes we just have to let them know what that is.

Are there any zero packaging grocery stores in your town? Let’s flesh this list out in the comments, y’all!

4 comments on “Zero Packaging Grocery Store List
  1. I love in.gredients! Amazing store and wonderful people. They are really great about opening their store to the community they live in with really fun events, drink specials, etc. It’s so cool to think this kind of store could be on the beginning end of an awesome trend.

  2. We don’t have any zero packaging stores that I know of, but we do have lots of stores with large bulk sections including personal care and household items, and unwrapped fruits and veggies. Plus there are lots of farmers markets to buy unwrapped vegetables and fruits. Still, MOST food in stores is packaged in some way, and with many items, I’m not sure how that could be avoided. It’s mind boggling to think of the lifestyle changes the average person would have to make to shop package-free! People are so spoiled by “convenience.”

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