Dream Kitchen: ACTIVATE! #lml

Dream Kitchen: ACTIVATE!

So last week, maybe my dream kitchen finally came true! Here are probably more pictures of my kitchen than you needed to see today.

Remember a while back when I wasn’t able to pull together a Friday Cocktail because construction took my kitchen away? That was part one of a two-part renovation. Dave and I have finally turned our ugly peach and slate blue kitchen into our dream kitchen!

Step one was replacing the chessboard-style tile with beautiful oversized subway tile. The next step was replacing the ugly, broken counters that matched the ugly tile. And we finally got it done!

We chose counter tops from Cosentino. Their Eco counters are made from recycled glass and some kind of low-impact concrete. They sell Eco countertops at Lowes, which really surprised me! That made it really easy, because we didn’t have to worry about coordinating. They coordinated the work and materials for us.

I love these counters, you guys! The glass gives it a little bit of shine, and I have to be honest. The price was right. So often the green option costs way more than its conventional counterparts. But these counters were in line with similar choices like granite or marble.

ANYWAY. Rather than make a cocktail, I’ve been staring at my beautiful counters all week! Here’s some kitchen eye candy.

Dream Kitchen: ACTIVATE!

That pretty white sink is ceramic-coated cast iron, and it’s made from recycled materials too! It’s also the heaviest thing I’ve ever lifted. I threw my back out carrying it into the house the night we got it home. WORTH IT!

Dream Kitchen: ACTIVATE! Dream Kitchen: ACTIVATE!

We do have one more change to make, but it’s just replacing furniture to get ourselves some more storage. That one might take a while while we track down the perfect storage solution that looks good. Dave is determined to “unKEA” our house, so IKEA is out and we’re shopping for vintage or antique kitchen storage instead. Yay!

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  1. So is everything from Lowe’s? Eventually we would like to update our kitchen, too. I am torn – I was in an unKEA phase, but I like one kitchen they have on display. I am also torn cos so much furniture is so ugly! Any tips on unKEA or finding vintage?

    • We got the counters at Lowe’s and the sink at Home Depot. We’re looking at Kudzu right now for a hutch and sideboard situation to replace the IKEA bookshelf that we’re using as a pantry, because our kitchen has so little storage. Our island is from IKEA, but we got it a long time ago. They might still sell a version of it, though! I feel like I’ve seen that butcher block there recently. UnKEA is so hard! I think just being ready to take longer to find a forever piece is probably the thing. IKEA is so convenient, and I don’t think that’s necessarily bad, you know? So much of our house is IKEA though, it was time to pull back. It’s going to take some time!

      • Thanks, Becky! I am looking for my bedroom, but I am so slow and that’s okay. I want to look at Kudzu. We have never been there. I don’t know the good Atl places for vintage furniture.

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