40 Days of Green Smoothies

It began as a personal challenge – to create a new green smoothie recipe every day for 40 days – and thanks to my amazing publisher, Timid Futures, it’s now an ebook!

buy nowIf you’ve been wanting to try get in on the green smoothie craze but weren’t sure where to start, I’ve got everything laid out for you in this 6-week plan. There are daily green smoothie recipes, weekly shopping lists, and lots of little tips to help you stop making excuses and start adding a daily dose of healthy green smoothies to your routine.

40 Days of Green Smoothies: Green Smoothie Recipes

About the Book

Kickstart your mornings with this 40 day program designed to develop your green smoothie habit! The ingredients in these green smoothie recipes aren’t always what you’d expect – discover how avocado can help make a smoothie creamy and how chocolate can turn it into a decadent yet healthy treat.

Becky Striepe of Glue and Glitter breaks the 40 days of green smoothie recipes down week by week, with each week offering its own set of tips and shopping lists.

Jump in and find out what your mornings have been missing!

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Praise for 40 Days of Green Smoothies

“…each day’s green smoothie recipe is different from the last. You won’t drink the same smoothie twice during the entire 40 days.”

– Robin Shreeves, Mother Nature Network

“If you are ready to start a wholesome green smoothie habit, then Becky Striepe’s e-book, 40 Days of Green Smoothies, is THE ONLY place to start.”

– Andrea Bertoli, Vibrant Wellness Journal

“Even kids will love these smoothies. A green smoothie may scare them off, but one that tastes like chocolate banana or tropical smoothie – they’ll be all over it.”

– Liz Thompson, Feelgood Style

“40 Days of Green Smoothies illustrates the simple step by step instructions to enable you to create all manner of affordable liquid lusciousness that will also help you to feel great.”

– Rhonda Winter, Ecolocalizer

“Becky’s ebook is simply great – for the novice and experienced blender alike. Full of tips on how to make a green smoothie routine exciting, affordable and convenient, the guide includes weekly shopping lists and 40 distinct recipes that will surely expand any drinker’s repertoire.”

– Megan Zehnder, Care2

“It’s just plain well-designed. Becky keeps the instructions short and sweet – perfect for those of us with limited attention spans. Here and there she sprinkles in tips about add-ins or how to get things moving if your blender bogs down.”

– An Unrefined Vegan

“Becky’s e-book offers fun healthy tips and a cute pep talk for each day. This e-book is simple, bright and bold. “

– Veganadian

“40 Days of Green Smoothies offers a solid game plan for working these nutritious drinks into your routine, with delicious recipes to make you crave kale!”

– Tanya Sitton, Eat Drink Better

“You should buy this e-book if you’re looking for healthy, low-sugar/no-sweetener added smoothies brimming with nutrients and packed with the good omega stuff. Or, you should also buy this if you need more ideas for smoothies and are comfy tweaking an easy smoothie recipe to get it where you want it. I wish I’d had this when I first started down the green smoothie brick road, ‘cuz I was a little lost and would have loved Becky’s understanding yet firm hand grasping.”

– kittee

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    • I knew where to get the green smoothie hook-up. After reading over your weeks so far, you have inspired me! I am thinking green smoothie for dinner tonight! Thanks!

  7. Congrats on the green smoothie challenge! I’m big on having green smoothies, but I’ve never consistently made them for 40 days. I have about one or two green drinks a week. Do you notice a difference in your sense of well-being? Feeling more alive?

    • Thanks, Keia! It’s hard some mornings to get in the kitchen and make a smoothie, and documenting them here definitely pushes me on those tough days. I’m still in the midst of it, but I do feel like I have more energy, especially in the mornings.

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