5 Questions with Vegan Pottery-Maker Jeanette Zeis

vegan cereal bowls

The spotlight on vegan crafters continues! It’s been super fun learning more about my favorite vegan crafty superstars.

Jeanette Zeis is a fellow Atlanta crafter, and I’m a huge fan of her work. I’ve got one of her serving dishes, a miniature cupcake stand, one of her ceramic to go mugs in my cupboard, and I use them all the time. She operates a couple of pottery businesses: The Vegan Dish and Vessles and Wares. She creates beautiful, handmade pottery in vibrant colors with lots of hand-drawn and hand-stamped details.

5 Questions with Vegan Soap-Maker Tracy Perkins

Vegan Soap from Strawberry Hedgehog

Happy MoFo everyone! It’s been so much fun revitalizing the 5 Questions series, and I thought the Vegan Month of Food was a good chance to highlight some of my favorite vegan crafters. We’re kicking things off today with Tracy Perkins, the vegan soap queen behind Strawberry Hedgehog! Don’t her soaps look good enough to eat?

5 Questions with Home Sweet’s Jennifer Nelson

Home Sweet Block Printed Table Runner

I first ran across Jennifer Nelson’s block-printed organic fabric when I worked on Crafting a Green World’s Fab Fabrics series. All of Home Sweet’s fabric is block printed by hand on organic fabrics using eco-friendly inks. I’d featured her gorgeous fabrics a couple of times, and then in 2007 she was magically my booth neighbor at Crafty Bastards in Washington D.C. Small world!

Jennifer is an awesome gal, and her work reflects her cheerful, friendly personality just perfectly! I’m super excited to share Jennifer’s 5 questions, so you guys can get to know her a little bit, too.

5 Questions with Cardboard Artist Kirsty Fletcher

reclaimed cardboard art by Kirsty Fletcher

Australian artist Kirsty Fletcher creates beautiful sculpture and collage from reclaimed cardboard. Kirsty, with a little help from her friends and family, salvages her materials from their recycling bins and the side of the road, and she transforms these found objects into adorable art pieces.