DIY Cleaning Wipes: Safe, Cheap, and Easy

DIY Cleaning Wipes: Safe, Cheap, and Easy

We have never used those prepackaged cleaning wipes in our house, but now that I’m cleaning up after a messy toddler’s meals three times a day, I can see the appeal. I use these DIY cleaning wipes to keep my one-year-old’s high chair tray clean, and they work great!

5 Questions with Cardboard Artist Kirsty Fletcher

reclaimed cardboard art by Kirsty Fletcher

Australian artist Kirsty Fletcher creates beautiful sculpture and collage from reclaimed cardboard. Kirsty, with a little help from her friends and family, salvages her materials from their recycling bins and the side of the road, and she transforms these found objects into adorable art pieces.

5 Upcycled Junk Mail Craft Projects

Junk Mail Paper Beads

From catalog pages that are great for origami and collage to security envelopes with their hidden designs, junk mail kind of begs to be turned into something creative! Here are some junk mail craft projects to get you started!

5 Upcycled DIY Notebooks

DIY upcycled junk mail notebook

I try to always keep a notebook stashed in my purse, don’t you? You never know when you’ll need to write down a phone number, jot down an idea, or make a little grocery list on the fly! Sure, you can use store-bought notebooks, but where is the fun in that? Instead of shelling out cash for something mass produced, you can create cute little notebooks from reclaimed materials instead!

Pros and Cons of Bamboo Fabric


Is bamboo fabric as eco-friendly as marketers claim?

The short answer is that there is no short answer. There are upsides and downsides to bamboo fabric, and I think it’s really up to you as a crafter to decide if bamboo fits into your eco-crafting ethos. My pops always tells me to give the bad news first and the good news last, so let’s start with bamboo’s downsides and then look at what’s good about bamboo fabric.

The Dark Side of Cotton

cotton field

I talk a lot around here about eco-friendly fabrics, but let’s talk about about why it’s important to opt for these alternatives. They’re often more expensive and harder to find than conventional cotton, and I think sometimes we forget the “whys” behind green crafting.

DIY Beauty Craft Kits from Herban Crafts

DIY beauty craft kits from Herban Crafts

My friends Karen and Mary are launching a brand new line of DIY beauty craft kits — Herban Crafts — that are so much more than just materials and instructions. They strive to create the most eco-friendly kits and beauty products possible, and they are socially responsible to boot! Instead of getting their craft kits assembled in a far-off factory, they are hiring unemployed women in transitional housing as part of a job training program. That means that not only are Herban Crafts’ kits good for you and the planet, but each kit helps these women learn real-world job skills. Pretty awesome, right?