Spotted: Acorn Cap Jewels

acorn cap jewels

How freaking cool is this acorn cap project from Kiwi Crate? You could attach a loop to the back and string these on a necklace or wire them into a pair of earrings. So fun! How would you make these into proper beads? Speak up, my jewelry-making pals!

Why Green Crafting?

A sewing machine presser foot.

Something I realized when Shannon and I were planning our notes for the Green Crafts panel at the Summit of Awesome is that there’s a lot of talk about how to be a greener crafter, but we don’t talk as much about why green crafting is important. I thought I’d share why it matters to me, and I hope you’ll tell me why green crafting is important to you, too!

What is Upcycling?

upcycled can be beautiful

I talk a lot about upcycling here, at Crafting a Green World, and at Green Upgrader. It’s becoming a pretty popular concept in the craft world, and like with any concept that starts to take off, I think the meaning has gotten a bit watered down. So, what is upcycling, really?

Garbage Moguls

The lovely Emily who submitted the toothpaste holder project last month contacted me recently with some awesome news: she...