How-to: Propagate Succulents

growing succulents

Propagating succulents is super duper easy, and Dave and I have done it successfully with very little work. All you need is a succulent plant with a leaf or two to spare or even leaves that have fallen off when you transplanted or your cat decided to be a jerk. Here’s how to do it.

To Do: Online Fall Gardening Class from Urban Organic Gardener

Railing Garden

My pal Mike Lieberman over at Urban Organic Gardener is launching an online fall gardening course that looks super amazing, and he was kind enough to ask me to pitch in with some DIY material! The class will help you start a fall garden with confidence, and Mike was kind enough to let me compile share the materials I created for him as a free micro-ebook that you can download here!

Buy Handmade: Your Recycled Container Garden

recycled hanging planter

Whether you’re gardening on a balcony, in a window, or out in the back yard, planting in interesting containers adds a little extra beauty to your food-growing efforts. You can make your own recycled planters, but if you’d rather focus your creative energy on the gardening part, there are some industrious Etsians making very cute recycled plant pots to spice up your container garden!

Small Space Garden Ideas

a lemon tree can grow by a sunny window

When I talked about my garden recently over on my Facebook page a friend mentioned that she wished she had the space to grow her own food. That’s not the first time I’d heard someone say they wanted to grow food but didn’t have any room to do it, but you can actually have a garden even in the smallest space!

9 DIY Planters from Reclaimed Materials

succulent in a reclaimed planter

Sure, it’s easy to pick up a pot or two while you’re shopping for plants at the garden center, but those pots come with an environmental impact (not to mention a sometimes crazy price tag!). You don’t have to go that route, though! I bet there are some things around your house right now that would make perfectly functional and even cute planters with just a little crafty love. Here are some upcycled planter ideas to get you started!