DIY Cleaning Wipes: Safe, Cheap, and Easy

DIY Cleaning Wipes: Safe, Cheap, and Easy

We have never used those prepackaged cleaning wipes in our house, but now that I’m cleaning up after a messy toddler’s meals three times a day, I can see the appeal. I use these DIY cleaning wipes to keep my one-year-old’s high chair tray clean, and they work great!



I don’t talk a lot about political food issues in this space, but I have some very strong feelings about GMOs in our food supply. Usually I keep those sorts of articles over at Eat Drink Better, but I wanted to share this documentary film review with you guys, since a lot of you seemed excited when I mentioned on Facebook and Twitter that I was going to see it.

Do you shop at Trader Joes?

Trader Joes

When Trader Joes came to Atlanta, I was excited about cheap wine and a wonderland of inexpensive vegan snacks. Now that the initial shininess is past, though, I’m not sure that I’m super jazzed about TJs!