Self-Publishing a Cookbook: 4 Lessons from BOWLS!

Self-Publishing a Cookbook: 4 Lessons from BOWLS!

If you’re a regular around here, you know that I’m in the thick of self-publishing a cookbook. I’ve learned a lot through my mistakes, so I thought I’d share a little bit about how things are going here.

Should My Next Vegan Cookbook be a print book?

Tempeh & Onions from Vegan Cookbook BOWLS!

That picture up there is the very last recipe photo that I’m taking for my new vegan cookbook: BOWLS! Now that I’m reaching the editing phase, I’ve been thinking about something, and I want your input.

How to Store Fresh Basil

how to store fresh basil
Has your CSA or farmers market been rich with beautiful basil this summer? Here’s how to store fresh basil...


Rob and Leuwam

I try to keep things pretty upbeat around here, and tomorrow I promise that we’ll be back to our regularly scheduled crafts and recipes, but this was a really tough weekend, and just jumping right back into vegan eats and green crafts today felt…just not right.