How to Store Fresh Basil

how to store fresh basil
Has your CSA or farmers market been rich with beautiful basil this summer? Here’s how to store fresh basil...

40 Days of Green Smoothies Spring Clean(s)ing Sale!

green smoothie spring cleansing sale

Well, if the weather this weekend was any indication, spring has sprung, y’all, and it feels like the perfect time to announce something that I’ve been wanting to offer for a while: you can now snag a copy of 40 Days of Green Smoothies and pay whatever you want over $2!

Vegan Ice Cream Made from Oats!

vegan ice cream

I’ve had vegan ice creams made with everything from soy to bananas to cashews, but oat-based ice cream was a new one for me. Also, it was freaking delicious!

EZ Tofu Press Winner

baked mushroom tofu

Today is the day! Thank you all so much for your great comments on my EZ Tofu Press giveaway! I loved reading all of your delicious tofu preparation ideas, and there are a few in there I’m definitely going to try out.

I used a random number generator to choose the winner, and the winner isss………

Survey Says: Green Smoothies are Cool!

green smoothies

My friend Robin Shreeves, who writes for Mother Nature Network, hipped me to a recent survey from AllRecipes (pdf)that looked at upcoming food trends for 2013, and I was so excited to see that green smoothies were getting even more popular!


Rob and Leuwam

I try to keep things pretty upbeat around here, and tomorrow I promise that we’ll be back to our regularly scheduled crafts and recipes, but this was a really tough weekend, and just jumping right back into vegan eats and green crafts today felt…just not right.

Submit Your Recipes to Eat Drink Better! #lml

Recipe Cards

I sprained my ankle over the weekend, which was a total bummer. Being pregnant with a sprained ankle kind of sucks, but! It turns out that being glued to the couch actually makes me pretty darn productive, and I’m super excited about the years-long goal that I finally attacked on Saturday: reader-submitted recipes at Eat Drink Better!