I don’t talk a lot about political food issues in this space, but I have some very strong feelings about GMOs in our food supply. Usually I keep those sorts of articles over at Eat Drink Better, but I wanted to share this documentary film review with you guys, since a lot of you seemed excited when I mentioned on Facebook and Twitter that I was going to see it.

Vegan Community Love! #lml

Vegan Community Love

For me the unexpected benefit of veganism has been connecting with the amazing vegan community both here in Atlanta and online. I’ve met so many wonderful people at both real life and virtual vegan events.

Do you shop at Trader Joes?

Trader Joes

When Trader Joes came to Atlanta, I was excited about cheap wine and a wonderland of inexpensive vegan snacks. Now that the initial shininess is past, though, I’m not sure that I’m super jazzed about TJs!