6 Vegan Drinks for Fall

Delicious Vegan Drinks

This is my final roundup of recipes from Vegan MoFo 2014. The Vegan Month of Food ended yesterday, and I miss it already. Let’s look back at some yummy vegan drinks that people shared last month and pretend that it’s still happening, OK?

8 Vegan Tacos from Vegan MoFo

Delicious Vegan Tacos

This week’s Vegan MoFo roundup is all about vegan TACOS! I have always loved a good taco. Corn or flour tortillas stuffed with beans, avocado, veggies, and some kind of yummy salsa is so simple and so delicious.


BOWLS! unboxed!

Last week, a huge stack of boxes arrived on my front porch, and the very kind FedEx driver helped me carry them into the house.