DIY Soft Scrub with Two Ingredients!

DIY Soft Scrub with Only 2 Ingredients!

Spring Cleaning Week at Crafting a Green World is all wrapped up, and I’m so excited to share the other green cleaning recipe I wrote up for the event: a DIY soft scrub.

DIY Cleaning Wipes: Safe, Cheap, and Easy

DIY Cleaning Wipes: Safe, Cheap, and Easy

We have never used those prepackaged cleaning wipes in our house, but now that I’m cleaning up after a messy toddler’s meals three times a day, I can see the appeal. I use these DIY cleaning wipes to keep my one-year-old’s high chair tray clean, and they work great!

How-to: Deodorize Reclaimed Glass Jars

how to deodorize glass jars

Has this happened to you guys? You lovingly rinse a glass jar that held pasta sauce or pickles. You run it through the dishwasher, and when you pull it out…it still stinks!

Clean Laundry: Make an Organic Laundry Sachet

clean laundry

Most conventional dryer sheets contain suspected and even known carcinogens. No thank you! Instead of using harmful toxins to keep your clothes smelling fresh, you can whip up these super simple sachets instead. They’re inexpensive and so much safer than dryer sheets!