The Dark Side of Cotton

cotton field

I talk a lot around here about eco-friendly fabrics, but let’s talk about about why it’s important to opt for these alternatives. They’re often more expensive and harder to find than conventional cotton, and I think sometimes we forget the “whys” behind green crafting.

Talking Green Crafts and Vegan Eats on the FaveCrafts Podcast

favecrafts April podcast on green crafting

April is Earth Month, and that means that folks who might not be thinking year-round about making eco-friendly choices are taking some time to see how they can green up their lives. Crafters are no exception here. This month’s FaveCrafts podcast was all about reducing the impact in your crafty life, and I am thrilled that Amy asked me to be one of the guests on the show!

Why Green Crafting?

A sewing machine presser foot.

Something I realized when Shannon and I were planning our notes for the Green Crafts panel at the Summit of Awesome is that there’s a lot of talk about how to be a greener crafter, but we don’t talk as much about why green crafting is important. I thought I’d share why it matters to me, and I hope you’ll tell me why green crafting is important to you, too!