Holiday Stress? Treat Yourself! #lml

treat yourself to a coffee

A lot of us tend to over-extend ourselves during this time of year. We feel obligated to attend every holiday shindig, to trim a perfect tree, hang those lights and decorations just right around the house – it’s exhausting! Now that we’re so close to the big day, I think it’s time for all of us to take a couple of hours away from all of that holiday stress and do something for ourselves.

Talking Self Care and Pursuing Your Passion at The Maven Circle #lml

talking self care at The Maven Circle

The ever-fabulous Jen Neitzel and Jena Coray (aka Ms. Modish) just launched The Maven Circle: an awesome new project aimed at helping creative peeps find and follow your passion. They’re sharing all kinds of inspirational goodness, including desktop wallpapers and videos, and they asked me to submit an article about self care. Here’s an excerpt: