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About Becky Striepe

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Hi there! I'm Becky Striepe (rhymes with sleepy), and I love using gadgets and shortcuts to create easy vegan comfort food recipes for busy people. Whether you love your Instant Pot, your air fryer, or just love delicious plant-based meals, stick around. You'll like it here.

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Reader Interactions


  1. JoAnne

    I tried this recipe and it was delicious. I made a change by adding 1/2 a lime and wowzer. Thank you for sharing your wonderful recipes.

    • Becky Striepe

      Thank you for coming back to comment, JoAnne! I appreciate it. Lime juice sounds like a lovely addition!

  2. Amanda

    This dressing sounds amazing! Out of curiosity, do you think frozen cranberries would work? I have so many of them in my freezer and need to find new uses for them!

    • Becky Striepe

      I don't see why they wouldn't! You might want to let them thaw, just so you can get a smooth mix in the blender, but you can always try with them still frozen, and just blend again later, if it turns out too chunky that way. Let me know how it goes, for sure!

  3. Melissa

    I always make my own dressings. This one is delicious and fresh. I subbed fresh avocado for the oil and raw unfiltered honey for the maple syrup as well as apple cider vinegar for the rice wine vinegar. Love options!

  4. Valerie

    I don't own a high speed blender and the blender I do have is not very good. I've never used raw cranberries and I'm just wondering if cooking them first to soften them might yield better results in my situation. What do you think?

    • Becky Striepe

      I think you'll be fine. If your blender can do a smoothie, it can handle this!

      • Valerie

        Thank you!


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